Sophia Mak

Sophia Mak

MA Arts Politics Class of 2016

BA Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology, Bard College

Sophia Mak is here and creates, makes and performs. They have made their home in Baltimore City for the past 7 years but have recently moved back to New York to apply knife and chopstick to perceptions and assumptions. Sophia investigates issues of race, gender, class, sexuality and intergenerational trauma through performance and invokes the stories of their ancestors to present new narratives. Their eyes are open and they are taking in the changing landscape of city neighborhoods, learning about the role that art plays in it all, and trying to listen real hard to the growing pains, unacknowledged histories, and the rumbling, crumbling walls that have heard stories of multiple life times.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

I was interested in unpacking how I participate artistically in upholding and/or dismantling the systems that oppress us.