Lauren Winnenberg

Lauren Winnenberg

MA Arts Politics Class of 2016

BA Theatre Arts (Acting & Directing), Concordia University Irvine

I am a Director, Writer and Performer who is interested in creating socially engaged art. My work transforms the presupposed dogma about women, family and self-trauma and reevaluates the established paradigms of these defined issues. My work exists as a tool to make sense of the world I experience and reflect the little absurdities of life. Currently I'm working on writing and producing a project baed upon the narratives of Military Children. Additionally I am one of the founding members of Salty Corkscrew, a theatre company dedicated to fostering new work of young playwrights, directors, actors and producers. I am also a member of the Theatre 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company and working with them to continue to train as a director, actor and playwright. Continued work on future projects will include completed theatrical plays, continued performative study into the female body and its perception, and academic research into the financial relationship between Non Profit theatre companies and their funding.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

I was really interested in connecting Theatre with Politics, activism and philosophy. Additionally I wanted to focus on how theatre and performance affects audiences in empathy and understanding of an issue.

How did your experience in the program shape your work?

The program gave me the tools to claim my work. I entered the program as a participant in artistic work, and left as an artist who could define her work and state that it was her own. I started to shape my voice as as a performer and an activist, and began to carve my path in larger community of "ART." Additionally I found a passion for American Non Profit theatre and its relationship to the culture we exist in.