RonAmber Deloney

RonAmber Delony

MA Arts Politics Class of 2008

MSEd Adolescent Education, St. Johns University
BA English, Austin College
BA German, Austin College


RonAmber Deloney, is a native of Dallas, Texas. As a performance poet, her work is conversations on street corners and words exchanged in the breezeway - a mix of stories and scenes from childhood until now.

She has worked with The Last Poets in Europe and along with black German rapper Khabo and Takeshi Beats, she released two spoken word/hip hop albums entitled "Of Brickwalls and Breezeways" and "Lilac and Rapeseed", both of which are available on iTunes. She currently teaches high school Reading and college Intro to Fine Arts in Dallas, Texas.

She is preparing for the project management exam and holds an MSEd in Adolescent Education from St. Johns University, MA in Art Politics from NYU and BAs in English and German from Austin College.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

The faculty. The focus on the individual's arts narrative and the opportunity to examine my own work from a variety of study areas.

How did your experience in the program shape your work?


I understood my work better. It made sense. I was able to step back from it and remember all of the projects and performances I had taken part in and realize that I was a practitioner of something and that my engagement was activism at work and that it was purposeful and not just me guessing in the wind as I sometimes felt it was.

What are you doing now?

I'm a high school Reading teacher and a humanities professor. I recently took an exam prep course for the project management exam and hope to find my way into project management and cultural diplomacy soon.