Tisch Scholarship Guide

The Guide to Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Students in the Arts is intended for students currently pursuing degrees at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  The guide includes non-NYU sources of funding, such as U.S. government, international, corporate, and private funding agencies that support graduate and undergraduate study and research.  Information is included for both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. 

The guide is structured to give you a brief description of each funding source, its purpose in offering the award, award amounts, application requirements, restrictions, deadlines, and contact information.  The Office of Student Affairs has made every possible effort to ensure that the information included in this guide is up-to-date.  However, you should contact any funding source for which you may be eligible prior to applying in order to verify award information, deadlines, and protocols.

This guide does not present an exhaustive list of financial aid opportunities.  Our aim is to get you started in the right direction. This guide offers a broad overview of the many kinds of sources of funding available; you should continue your search for funding beyond the opportunities listed in this guide.  At the conclusion of this listing you will find a listing of financial aid reference materials.