Charles Clifton Fuller

Academic Advisor

Cliff Fuller

Cliff Fuller has worked in Undergraduate Film & Television since 2009. Prior to Tisch he spent 15 years working in the film and television industry as a Production Office Coordinator. Highlights include Rounders, Stuart Little 2, Elf, The Bourne Supremacy, one season of America’s Next Top Model, and 70+ episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Cliff is a genderqueer writer, performer, and storyteller also known by their onstage persona, Mx. Tiffany Leigh. Past appearances include The Slipper Room, Take Two Storytelling, and with The BTK Band. They are also a featured performer with the Speakeasy Dollhouse immersive theater company with credits including The Bloody Beginning, The Illuminati Ball, and The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini. Since 2016 they have written, produced, and co-hosted Match Game NYC, a monthly live game show in Manhattan.

Cliff's other interests include movies, hooting at burlesque shows, and playing complicated European board games with friends. Cliff lives under the shadow of The Cloisters in Upper Manhattan with his partner and their cat, Dolores.