Andrew Friedman

Adjunct Instructor

Andrew Friedman received his Ph.D. in Theatre History from the CUNY Graduate Center and specializes in modern drama and contemporary performance.  His articles and reviews appear in Theatre Journal, Theater, European Stages, Ibsen News and Comment, and the edited collection Baseball and Social Class.  His dissertation, “Theatres of Reality, Fiction, and Temporality: Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller’s Ibsen-Saga (2006 – 2015),” examines the influence of modernist aesthetics and ideology on contemporary European performance and was awarded a Graduate Center dissertation fellowship.  From 1997 – 2012 he was the co-artistic director of the acclaimed performance collective the Riot Group with which he co-created ten original productions that toured throughout the US and Europe. 


Ph.D. in Theatre History, CUNY Graduate Center
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College