Clayton Gavin

Adjunct Instructor


As an ambassador of hip hop and healthy living, Stic speaks, writes, creates, curates, consults and collaborates on artistic projects and campaigns that fuse the creativity and relatability of hip hop with the vitality and authenticity of healthy lifestyle practices.

Cited in Rolling Stone magazine for having created one of hip hop’s 100 most important songs “Bigger than Hip Hop”, recognized by the Humane League as the recipient of their Humane Hero Award, and also a recipient of the Betty Shabazz Award for Social Justice, Khnum “Stic” Ibomu, is a well rounded, well respected, influential creative.

He is the Co Founder and creative Director of RBG FIT CLUB, a holistic lifestyle brand website and movement, he founded with his wife author and Nutritionist Afya Ibomu, dedicated to inspiring healthy living.

Stic is a multi-platinum hip hop artist, producer and songwriter, an RRCA certified long distance running coach, and the co -author of the cult classic book “Eat Plants, Lift Iron: A Plantbased Weightlifting Experiment.”

A pioneer in hip hop and healthy living, Stic coined the term “fit hop” for this unique fusion and wrote and produced the world’s first ever “fit hop” album series The Workout and sequel Workout II, which each debuted at #1 in their sales category on all major digital platforms.

Stic was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York for over ten years and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and their two sons. He enjoys family time in nature, running, meditation, practicing martial arts, beatmaking, reading, plant keeping, herbal teas and savory soups.