John T Pirretti

Recorded Music Technician

John Pirretti

John Pirretti was born in New Jersey, but quickly transplanted to the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico with his Italian American family. It was there where he was introduced to an array of live music and incredible art.  John has had a love for popular music since he could remember. Growing up, either the radio was on, or he was going through his parent’s elaborate record collection finding the hits to every album.

John graduated Full Sail in 2002 with a degree in Music Engineering and a a few months later, found himself in New York City working for Wyclef Jean at Platinum Sound Studios. He had the pleasure of assisting and engineering some of the most amazing artists including: Lou Reed, Lauren Hill, Amy Whinehouse, Janet Jackson, and many more. He was also mentored by some of the best engineers and producers in the world.  He continues to record and engineer with some of his favorite new artists today. 

Since 2011, at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, John handles a wide variety of daily technical and production tasks and has had a great time helping students with whatever production needs they have while recording at any one of our studios. He is always up for listening and talking about any kind of music new and old. It has been an honor to continue to work along side some of tomorrow’s brightest talents. 


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