How can we facilitate and disseminate research activity at Tisch? What unique opportunities are available to us as a school of NYU and in New York City?

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As a new initiative, we will work closely over the next two years with faculty, students, staff and alumni to formulate new questions about generating and sustaining support for research at Tisch. We will examine a range of best practices in funding, evaluation, documentation and dissemination.


  1. How can we more deeply integrate artists into the intellectual life of the University? How can we more robustly support the work of scholars at a school of the arts? 
  2. What tools do we need and with whom do we need to partner?
  3. How can Tisch use research activity as way of forging new relationships with other organizations and institutions – locally, nationally and internationally?
  4. How might Tisch and the University both benefit from such partnerships? 
  5. How can Tisch deepen its work as an incubator and laboratory for innovation and collaboration?