NYU in LA Mentees

Here's what past participants have said about the NYU in LA program!

I really recommend this program for graduates moving out to LA. The program has helped me learn the city, stay social, make friends, stay focused on my creative work, and hear experienced industry members talk in a candid, honest environment. It's also true that you get what you give out of the program and I'm very grateful that I was able to attend most of the events because I've learned so much and have really grown to feel settled in LA. THANK YOU!

Staying connected to the NYU community out here has really helped to keep me active in my networking and disciplined with my writing.  It's therapeutic to meet with other people trying (and failing) to do the same thing you are.  My mentors have been really open and available, and the speakers they've enlisted for us have offered really helpful, valuable perspectives.

The program is a great way to ground recent alums in this whole new world. At a time when we're most vulnerable, this program reminds us that there is a community 3,000 miles away from where we went to school and this community is one of the prime investments of our education. I find myself learning and growing and being inspired from my peers and mentors.

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