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NYU in LA Mentor Program

Heading west? Newly arrived to L.A. and looking for some advice on connecting in Los Angeles?

The Tisch Offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations have collaborated to create this mentorship program to facilitate your transition to the West Coast! Designed for recent graduates and newly-arriving alumni, this program pairs participants (mentees) pursuing a career in the arts in Los Angeles with a local mentor in a small group environment to begin their personal and professional transition to the West Coast.

Topics will cover logistics (arrival to L.A., moving etc.) as well as acclimating to the world of work and local lifestyle. Each group will work together to get you settled, offer advice and guidance as you seek out your goals in Hollywood, as well as help you plan and assess short and long term career goals. These groups are designed to facilitate conversation about experiences adjusting to L.A., such as interviewing, apartment hunting, car shopping, etc. This is not an internship or job placement program. Each mentee will be expected to work actively with their mentor toward their specific and personal pursuits.