London Alumnae Discuss Shakespeare in Performance at RADA

Thursday, Oct 5, 2017

L-R: Rebecca Silverstone, Sophie Gorai, Geoff Bullen, and Amanda Arcomano
Photo by MaryAnn Talavera

On Monday night, Tisch Special Programs hosted an information session about the London study abroad program Shakespeare in Performance at RADA. Amanda Arcomano, Sophie Gorai, and Rebecca Silverstone, alumnae from the spring 2017 semester, joined Associate Director and Supervisor at RADA, Geoff Bullen, in a discussion about studying classical acting in London. 

Shakespeare in Performance at RADA has been offered in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London since 1998. The program gives undergraduate actors an opportunity to study and experience Shakespeare in its original context.

According to Geoff Bullen, "This course in particular, if you invest in this course in all senses, it is luxurious. What it does is something that is very hard to get in another portion of any training, whether that is a studio here or whether it’s on the three-year B.A. itself at RADA. That is, intense...scrutiny and support through a semester and a complete, straightforward focus on classical acting i.e. how to act Shakespeare."

Photo by MaryAnn Talavera

A lot of the conversation focused around the approach to training itself. "Throughout the whole course you’re not being taught how to act because you’re an actor and they already know you’re an actor so you’re assumed to act anyway," Rebecca Silverstone said. 

"Our director [for Coriolanus] Gary treated us like actors, not like students," said Sophie Gorai. "I just learned a lot from that and I think I grew as an actor."

About another work, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Amanda Arcomano said, "It was this wonderful experience of really getting to remember how to fall in love with what you’re doing. It was this massive passion piece, which was like this thrilling moment."

Final presentation of Coriolanus, spring 2017 [Sophie Gorai pictured 3rd from left]

Students ask the RADA alumnae questions after the information session.
Photo by Mariangela Lardaro

The value of studying at RADA is equally based on the professors and the students who attend. "The power of the brand of RADA is that it is constantly evolving, and it’s constantly evolving with those people who come to enrich it," said Geoff Bullen. "We are enriched by learning with you. We help you to grow within our collective wisdom. That really is the philosophy." 

Shakespeare in Performance at RADA in London is offered each spring and fall semester. The application for fall 2018 will open on December 4, 2017. Visit Tisch Special Programs Admissions for application requirements and deadlines.