DPI Alum Bryan Denton receives Robert Capa Gold Medal

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

soldiers shooting machine guns from behind an embankment

© Bryan Denton for the New York Times

New York Times photojournalist Bryan Denton ('05) has recieved the Overseas Press Club's prestigious Robert Capa gold medal, alongside his colleague Sergey Ponomarev, for their exceptional coverage of the fight against ISIS.

From the NY Times Lens Blog

During the final two weeks of the Fallujah offensive against ISIS, Mr. Denton said he covered “hellish” fighting in temperatures that soared to over 110 degrees.

“It was in Fallujah where I first got a little insight to the brutality not just of ISIS but of some of the popular mobilization units fighting ISIS and of the war in general,” said Mr. Denton, who started photographing for The Times in 2006. “I understand the necessity to put an end to the human rights violations, war crimes and genocidal reign of ISIS. But at the same time, I do worry about how you demilitarize the population and stop this cycle of revenge that has maimed Iraq over the last decade and a half.”

In a social media post, Denton expressed gratitude to colleagues at the Times, other Overseas Press Club honorees, and supporters around the world:

[...] More than the pictures, this award is a testament to the resources and editorial support that myself and my colleagues receive from the paper while on assignment, and to the tireless work that our Iraq bureau staff, especially our brother Abu Malik Falih Whaeeb, and many others put into our reporting. They share this award with us.