M.A. Student Biographies

Our students are a large part of what makes Performance Studies special. They come from a wide range of academic, cultural, and artistic backgrounds and create a vibrant intellectual environment. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about them.

  • Hallie Abelman

    Hallie Abelman

    animal studies; dehumanization; anti-racist studies,; eco-theatre; critical race theory; black veganism; storytelling; comedy

  • Carmen Antreasian

    Carmen Antreasian

    Psychoanalytic Theory; Poststructuralist Feminist Theory; Postcolonial Theory; Dance & Embodiment; Gender & Sexuality; Queer Studies

  • Felipe Bonilla

    Felipe Bonilla

    Affect Theory; Critical Theory; Race Theory; Feminism; Carnaval; Theater of the Absurd

  • Flora Lina Brandl

    Flora Lina Brandl

    Logistics and Containerization; Grids; Performance and Migration; Animal Studies; Interspecies Collaboration; Posthuman Dance; Critical Theory

  • Jess Saldaña

    Jess Saldaña

    Decolonial Studies; Queer Theory; Marxist critique; Black and Brown studies

  • Annie Seminara

    Annie Seminara

    Performance and public transport; theories of movement; labor and performance; Marxism and performance

  • David Sierra

    David Sierra

    literary criticism; linguistics; histories of medicalization; queer theory; transgender politics; visual culture; performance art

  • Anh Vo

    Anh Vo

    Contemporary Dance; Porn Studies; Experimental Practices; Queer Theory

  • Zack Wilks

    Zack Wilks

    Food Studies; Sound Studies; Gesture; Queer Theory; Institutional Performativity; Affective Belonging; Decolonial Studies

  • Shannon Woods

    Shannon Woods

    Dance Studies; Theories of Movement; Gender Studies; Feminist Critiques

  • Sunmi Yong

    Sunmi Yong

    Curatorial theories and practices in relation to performances; Museum studies; Archival studies; Dance and movement studies; Labor studies; Identity politics; Decolonial studies