M.A. Student Biographies

Our students are a large part of what makes Performance Studies special. They come from a wide range of academic, cultural, and artistic backgrounds and create a vibrant intellectual environment. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about them.

  • Tito Aderemi-Ibitola

    Tito Aderemi-Ibitola

    Performance Studies; Activism Theatre; Video and Performance Art

  • Clymene Baugher

    Clymene Baugher

    Dance; Psychoanalysis; Philosophy; Feminism

  • Bianca Felix Biberaj

    Bianca Felix Biberaj

    Time-based art; experimental ethnography; movement studies; multi-racial identity theory

  • Joseph Diaz

    Joseph Diaz

    Discursive Performativity, Identity/Status Studies, Decolonizing Psychoanalysis, Theory of Flesh and Scandal, Black Study

  • Ariana DiValentino

    Ariana DiValentino

    Environmental Justice and Ecofeminism, Transcorporeality, Trauma, Gender and Queer Studies

  • Ivan Espinosa

    Ivan Espinosa

    Eco-centric Theater; Ecopoetics; Performance Theory; Experimental Theater & Performance Art

  • Arti Gollapudi

    Arti Gollapudi

    Performance Studies

  • Lane Lewis

    Lane Lewis

    Trans Studies; Transnational Feminism; Poetry; Performative Writing; Transformative Justice; Hauntology

  • Zihan Loo

    Zihan Loo

    Queer Archives; Re-enactments; Performance Pedagogy

  • Keira Mayo

    Keira Mayo

    Arts-based Methodologies; Improvised Theatre and Games; Language, Identity, and Stereotypes; Feminist Theory

  • Mersiha Mesihovic

    Mersiha Mesihovic


  • Minh-Trung Nguyen

    Minh-Trung Nguyen

    Decentralization of Western global sense-making; Performances of Cinematic temporality; Sexuality and other performances of Self-disclosure on Social networks

  • Sammy Roth

    Sammy Roth

    Critical Race Theory/Whiteness Studies; Dance/Movement Studies; (Ordinary) Affect Theory

  • Sage Russo

    Sage Russo

    Queer & Feminist Studies; Critical Theory; Trauma/Affect/Memory Studies; Sexual Studies; Public Disruption & Ruptural Performance

  • Justin Rustle

    Justin Rustle

    Dance History, Choreography, and Criticism; The power of storytelling; The impact of social models of arts funding

  • Jeanann Seidman

    Jeanann Seidman

    Sound studies; performance installation; technology and performance; performance interactivity; communication in collaborative performance; improvisation; minimalism

  • Megan Shindler

    Megan Shindler

    Performance Studies; Ethnography; Performance Art; Protest Art

  • Laura Smith

    Laura Smith

    the body; female bodies onstage; energy/affect cultivation and theater architecture; the choreographed audience and etiquette

  • Kevin Story

    Kevin Story

    Theatre theory & practice; multi-disciplinary work

  • Isaac VanCuren

    Isaac VanCuren

    Digital Art; Social Media; Gender Norms; Social Constructs

  • Samyuktha Viswanathan

    Samyuktha Viswanathan

    Performance Poetry; Theater and Movement Art; Performance and Identities in Social Media and the Digital world

  • Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson

    Biopolitical performance; sideshow, medicine, technology and the body; abjection, collective joy and the politics of play; architectures of participation and spaces of knowledge accretion; evil clowns