Annie Seminara

BA Candidate

Annie Seminara

Annie Seminara is a Senior Performance Studies student from Boston, Massachusetts. She transferred into the department having previously studied Acting, English, and Drama. Annie grew up with an interest in Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. For five years, she taught and directed students aged 8-18 in full-length productions of Shakespeare's works at an outdoor summer camp in Salem, Massachusetts. Annie spent two years studying at Queen Mary, University of London, where she was introduced to critical theory and developed interests in cultural materialism, queer theory, and the cultural politics of performance. As president of the Queen Mary Theatre Company, she directed a production of Jean Genet's The Maids that posited the maids' bodies as the sites of ontologically and psychologically painful experiments with class-as-gesture and gender-as-costume, as practiced upon them by "Madame", by the audience, and by each other. Annie is currently working on a historical materialist exploration of performance in the New York City subway system. Her research is framed by the legacy of racialized performance in the 19th century, when entertainment was one of the few labor categories available to black Americans. 

Why PS @ NYU?

I chose to study Performance Studies at NYU because I have a great admiration for the faculty here. They are not only the brightest in their fields, but they are also welcoming, encouraging, and always willing to discuss their ideas and their work with you. The same could be said for my fellow students, who all bring incredible creative and scholarly value to the department. Being surrounded by great thinkers and artists and all of their new and ongoing projects inspires me to push further in my own work as a scholar/artist/activist.


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