Art Matters: From Artist to Action

Tisch Open Arts and the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research proudly introduce ART MATTERS: FROM ARTIST TO ACTION, a new two-point, seven-week master class series designed to foster classroom discussion between students and visiting artists/researchers.  

What subject matters do we discuss through art?
Why does art matter as a cultural enterprise?
What is the artist’s relationship with the community/audience?
How do social, cultural, political ideas influence the artist’s motivation?

NYU Albert Registration:  OART-UT 300 Art Matters

Photo by Rafael Gamo

Spring 2017 ART MATTERS featured Jill Sigman, an artist who choreographs with bodies and materials. Her work exists at the intersection of dance, visual art, and social practice. She has built huts out of trash in places such as The Ringling Museum of Art and a fjord in the Arctic, and used them as sites for performance and community discussion. She has stored seeds, cultivated weeds, and created sculptural installations and dances based on them. She has studied permaculture and created movement scores that embody its principles; volunteered on urban farms and planted a field of kale in performance; and danced in a ring of 3,000 broken eggshells containing people’s answers to the questions “what have you broken?”, “what have you lost?” and “how would you like to die?”. Described as an artist of “prodigious imagination and intelligence” by The New York Times, Sigman transforms simple actions like walking on eggshells, sliding down the stairs, and eating hot pink roses into complex statements about self, society, and human experience.

Jill Sigman: WEED HEART

Jill Sigman: MiniLiving

Jill Sigman: The Hut Project