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Ari Melenciano

Class of 2018

Ari Melenciano is a multidisciplinary visual artist, creative technologist and digital fabricator. Before entering ITP, she studied Visual Arts at The University of Maryland as well as art, architecture and urban planning at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. She is passionate about merging art, design and technology to create quintessentially beautiful experiences, design opportunities for education and to democratize technology. Her current projects include OjoOro, a line of experimental and highly aesthetically built cameras that merge the digital and film experience, SeeMeToo, a representation project in the form of a browser extension that hacks media in it's continuous attempt normalize and universalize Whiteness while "other-ing" different cultures by replacing usual all-white casts' faces with black/brown faces, and Sonic Spectrum: Society, an audiovisual mixtape that discusses systematic racism -- which has been exhibited at a few events in NYC including at Google's CodeNext program.