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The Medici Method: How Diversity Drives Innovation

Breakthrough ideas most often occur when concepts from one field enter new, unfamiliar territory, and are explored by people with a diversity of experiences and outlooks. Fast-paced and interactive, the MEDICI METHOD workshop stems from this core philosophy and creates a high energy, intersectional environment where structures and processes are stripped away to unlock innovation. Participants work in diverse teams to quickly explore new idea combinations based on their existing resources and unexpected inspiration, coming up with novel ideas that might normally be overlooked. The process is facilitated so that ideas that are most likely to make a real difference are captured and developed further.

Organizations have relied on the MEDICI METHOD for strategic planning, creating new products and services, developing patent ideas, and tackling persistent team challenges in a fun but effective way. At ITP, the same method can enhance the cross-disciplinary nature of the department, and help students come up with new initiatives, awesome art projects, and more. Alum Sharang Biswas (ITP '15) will lead the workshop.

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