The Ludwig Foundation Talk

Join us for a talk on the contemporary arts scene in Cuba and learn how ITP students can collaborate with Cuban new media artists.

Wilfredo Benitez, co-founder of the Fundación Ludwig de Cuba will talk about the work of the foundation, it's ongoing relationship with the Tisch School of the Arts, and share ideas for how interested members of the ITP community can foster connections with Cuban artists.  He will be joined by Annie Stanton who is Executive Director, Administration And Special Programs for Tisch School of the Arts, and who organizes and manages the Tisch presence in Cuba.

Tisch has been partnering with Ludwig since 2001 to provide study abroad opportunities in Havana. Annie will talk about the reality of travel to Cuba - what is approved educational travel etc.

Wilfredo will talk about the programs of the LFC including the ones dealing with media and their eagerness to collaborate or connect with Tisch Students and faculty.


Overview of the Fundación Ludwig de Cuba

The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC), a non-governmental, autonomous, non-profit institution, was officially created in January 1995 with the purpose of promoting and protecting the work of young Cuban artists. Its principles and strategies have been increasingly refocused in response to emerging needs in the Cuban cultural environment. From a cross-disciplinary outlook including the use of new technologies, the approach to contemporary culture occurs through different types of knowledge, which favors a complex treatment of the multiple subjects that interact in today’s Cuban society. LFC’s international projects are based on programs for Cubans and foreigners with the goal of establishing dialogues and long term exchange projects with important institutions and personalities.

LFC has established long-term programs with distinguished institutions in Cuba, the U.S. and worldwide. Programs include performances, festivals, exhibitions, exchanges, lectures, seminars, academic courses, workshops, conferences, scholarships and grants.