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The NYU Purple List thanks the 2016 Judges.

Alysse Bezahler, Producer

Amy Robinson, Producer

Brad Barnes, Writer/Director

Bree Michael Warner, Exec Producer - The Alchemy Factory

Carmen Chaplin, Actor and Director

Craig Kestel, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

Daniel Garcia, Writer/Director

Donna Gigliotti, Producer

Frank Wuliger, Gersh

George Kyrtsis, Director/Producer

Heather Reynolds, One Entertainment

Jacob Epstein, UTA

Jacob Robinson, Production Executive, Particular Pictures

Jairo Alvarado, Circle of Confusion

Janet Grillo, Writer/Director

Jeff Apple, Producer

Jeff Wolk, Hawk House Productions

Jennifer Beals, Actor

Joseph Maggio, Writer/Director

Josh Penn, Producer/Court 13

Karyn Kusama, Writer/Director

Kelsi Fleming, Apostle

Larry Gross, Writer

Lawrence Mattis, Circle of Confusion

Leah Natasha Thomas Producer

Lisa Robinson, Writer/Director

Mark Heyman, Producer

Matt Myers, Producer

Michael Barlow, Writer/Producer

Michael Gottwald, Producer/Court 13

Mollye Asher, Producer

Rachel Chanoff, The Sundance Screenwriters Lab

Rania Attieh, Writer/Director

Ryan Silbert, Producer   

Sara Nestor, Feature Lit Coordinator, Verve

Sarah Kelly, ICM

Shaka King, Writer/Director

Stacy Cochran, Writer/Director

Tia Burkholder, Producer

Zach Mandinach, Independent Filmmaker Project