UGFTV SCRIPTS offers a great opportunity to get your scripts out there, have them read, make contact with managers, agents, producers, etc.

How does UGFTV SCRIPTS work? Each semester current students and alumnus who have graduated with in the past year are eligible to submit feature-length, one hour and half-hour scripts. Feature scripts must be a minimum of 90 pages and no longer than 120 pages. One hour pilot scripts must be 45 to 60 pages in length. Half-hour pilot scripts are limited to 20-30 pages.

What happens next? Scripts are read and vetted by NYU writing faculty members and industry professionals.

Purpose? UGFTV SCRIPTS introduces emerging screenwriters to top-level members of the film industry. Two students from last year’s Top Picks have landed managers.

When? The deadline for submissions for Spring 2017 is December 9, 2016.

What else? The title, author’s name, logline and genre-type are required for each submission. All scripts must be copyrighted or registered with the WGA prior to submission.

Where? Scripts should be submitted to John Warren at Subject line must read ‘UGFTV SCRIPTS submission.

The winning scripts from Winter 2017

Feature Scripts
With These Eyes
by Evan Kelman
  by Steffan Sitka

TV Scripts
The Girl from Dodge by Nick Rasdal
High on Life by Lucille Brillhart
Quinn of Diamonds by Dani Okon

The winning scripts from Fall 2016

Feature Scripts
Northshore by David L. Fu
Sociopath by Connor Wright
Getaway by Christopher Cole

TV Scripts
Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law by Christiaan Kutlik
Going Gold by Will Landman