Summer 2018 Courses

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Summer 2018 Courses

Registration for Summer courses is now open!

The Rita and Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing at Tisch School of the Arts offers summer courses to all NYU and visiting students. This is an opportunity for departmental majors to take courses to complete degree requirements or other NYU or visiting students to pursue personal interests in writing for theater, film, and television. There are a small number of seats that are offered for non-credit students.

Visiting students interested in taking non-credit or credit courses during the summer should complete the visiting student application page here.

DDW Summer 2018 Courses

Introduction to Dramatic Writing


Tu-Th /01:30pm -- 04:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018


Playwright Sarah Gancher (who wrote the book for The Lonely Ones, seen at Arts Nova this season) designed this class specifically for non-DDW majors who wish to take Dramatic Writing classes in the future. This is the gateway class for Play 1, Screen 1, and TV 1. It’s also for anyone who’s ever thought “I’d really love to write a movie [or a play or TV].” This is where we offer you the basics that let you go anywhere.


Playwriting I


M-W/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm / 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018


Our required class in playwriting, in which students learn how to build a stage play from the ground up, culminating in the writing of a one-act script. Taught by Kate Cortesi, whose A Patron of the Arts was seen this season at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

Screenwriting I

DWPG-UT 35/DWPG-GT 2035/NCRD-UT 8003

Tu-Th/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

M-W/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

M-W/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018


Our required class in screenwriting, where students learn about visual story-telling. You’ll be silenced (just like Chaplin) then given voice. This class culminates in the writing of a short film. Instructors include Wendy Hammond, Rohan Narula, Sameh Zoabe, and Scott Rothman.


Screenwriting II

DWPG-UT 1045/DWPG-GT 2045/NCRD-UT 8004

M-W/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm or 01:30pm -- 04:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to attempt that first feature. Take a deep breath, pitch, outline, and write like a maniac. DDW’s Allison Robbins and Julian Sheppard will be there to guide you. Pre-req: Screenwriting I or equivalent


TV I: The Half Hour

DWPG-UT 1042/DWPG-GT 2042/NCRD-UT 8005

Tu-Th/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

Tu-Th/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

M-W/ 01:30pm -- 04:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

Television has its own means of story-telling, and this is where we begin. Before learning how to write a pilot, you need to understand how to write a series. TV-I concentrates on the half-hour form, whether in network, premium, or in-between. Instructors include Dee LaDuke, Justin Brennerman, and Allison Robbins.


TV II: The Hour

DWPG-UT 1048/DWPG-GT 2048/NCRD-UT 8008

M-W/ 10:00am -- 01:05pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

Tu-Th/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

Delving deeper into serialized story-telling, TV II explores the realm of one-hour specs in all their diverse glory. Once again, you’ll explore an established series, this time for a sixty-minute script. (Okay, more like 44 or 54 or, well, whatever the model of the “one hour” show you’re spec-ing happens to be.) Instructors are George Malko and Sheri Holman.


Master Class in Sketch Comedy

DWPG-UT 1047/DWPG-GT 2047/NCRD-UT 8012

Tu-Th/ 01:30pm -- 04:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

From Sid Caesar to SNL and beyond, sketch has been an essential part of television. Hunter Nelson of the Upright Citizens Brigade will put you through your paces – it’s not easy, but it’s very funny.


Master Class in Late Night

DWPG-UT 1047/DWPG-GT 2047/NCRD-UT 8013

Tu-Th/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

Get out your newspapers, stare into your devices, topical and satiric junkies take note: Emmy, Peabody, and Writers’ Guild award winner Kevin Bleyer is coming to DDW this summer, bringing his experience with John Stewart, Bill Maher, and, oh, yeah, this guy named Barack Obama to teach you how to write a White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He also knows a little bit about the Constitution. Our promise (which we don’t often make): you’ll not only know more about writing Late Night TV after this class – you’ll know more about the world.


Writing The Graphic Novel

DWPG-UT 1058/ DWPG-GT 2058/ NCRD-UT 8014

M-W/ 05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 07/02/2018 -- 08/12/2018

Larry Hama teaches you how much like a movie (and how different from a movie) writing a graphic novel can be. Story, structure, and static images from a former editor at both DC and Marvel, Hama wrote Wolverine and Batman.


Writing for TV Animation

DWPG-UT 1058/DWPG-GT 2058/NCRD-UT 8015

Tu-Th/05:30pm -- 08:35pm/ 05/21/2018 -- 07/01/2018

There’s the moment when you realize that if you just imagined a washed-up movie star as a horse, something magic might happen. Or think about what it would be like to write for children and enchant them the way animated shows once enchanted you. TV Animation is a wide open world. Barton Bishop is the instructor.

For questions regarding registration please contact our Program Administrator Ruma Uddin.