William Banks

Why the Caged Crow Cries

Genre: Historical-Comedy

Writer: William Banks


Logline: Nehemiah is a poet who wants to write the saddest poem in all of Victorian England. He is obsessed with death, but when Nehemiah meets a Duchess who suffers from an illness that causes her to die every night and come back to life every morning, Nehemiah finally learns how to live.


Bio: William Banks is a boy who has a lot of beds. He has a bed back home in Southern Illinois, where he grew up, but he sometimes has to share that bed with his new step brother who just dropped out of college to join the army. William also has a bed in Missouri, where his mom lives, and where William likes to go when he grows tired of the city and doesn’t want to sleep in a place where he’s sharing a bed with someone joining the army in a few months. But most importantly, William has a bed in New York City, where he enjoys sleeping the most, and where’s he’s had several beds. William has slept on beds in the NYU dorms, a bunkbed in the East Village for a terrible fever summer of no air conditioning, and now currently on a bed in Bushwick. William tries to live in the moment and enjoy the bed he is currently sleeping on the most.


Contact: wab277@nyu.edu