Twinkle Bharwaney


Written by: Twinkle Bharwaney

Genre: Coming of age comedy-drama


Logline: On the first day of high school, a dorky 14-year-old named Todd discovers that his childhood best friend (whom he’s in love with) has completely bloomed. With the help of his rebellious older brother, Todd must overcome his introverted tendencies in order to win her back from the popular kids.


Bio: Twinkle Bharwaney spent her childhood defending her real name, writing plays in the margins of her notebooks, and filming movies with her parents’ camcorder. Although she grew up in Seoul, South Korea, Twinkle’s Bollywood blood (and family) has continually inspired her to relish her life of drama. After studying Practical Aesthetics at Atlantic Acting School for a semester, Twinkle transferred to the department of Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch to pursue her screenwriting ambitions. With a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology, Twinkle is also interested in movie marketing and producing. She recently produced, wrote, and directed her own short animation titled “Imaginary Amelia.” She currently resides in New York City, where she will continue to pursue her writing and gain hands-on experience in the entertainment industry.