Omri Bezalel


Genre: Drama, War, Coming-of-Age 

Written By: Omri Bezalel


Logline: Israeli intelligence operative DARA NEVO leads the task force in charge of finding an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas, but finds the mission complicated by a controversial prisoner exchange proposal that will set her father's killer free. 


Bio: Omri Bezalel is a writer, screenwriter, and filmmaker from Tel Aviv, Israel. He completed his five-year military service in Israel’s elite Naval Commando unit in 2007, and attended the one-year filmmaking program at New York Film Academy in 2009. Omri studied at NYU—double majoring in dramatic writing and journalism, and double minoring in creative writing and producing—and graduated summa cum laude in May 2017. His writing has been published in Mercer Street and Consequence Magazine, and his films have shown at several film festivals, including Sundance and the London Film Festival. 


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