Naftali Ehrenkranz

Land of No Color

Genre: Horror-Western

Writer: Naftali Ehrenkranz


Logline: A grieving mother ventures to seek revenge on the two men who murdered her infected children during the beginning of a zombie-like virus outbreak. As her quest for vengeance deepens and she discovers a dramatic change in the virus, the thin line between right and wrong grows fainter.


Bio: Born in the Bronx, raised in Sharon, Massachusetts, and back in New York for some unfinished business, Naftali Ehrenkranz is set to graduate from Dramatic Writing this May. Naftali has written a variety of scripts both for television and film, but has gravitated towards horror during his final year as an undergraduate student for the genre’s potential for thrills and symbolism. After graduation, Naftali will work as a freelance writer and professional dogwalker in Brooklyn.