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Joshua Chou

bio portrait

The Last Legionary


Written by: Joshua Chou

Genre: Sci-fi, heist


Logline: A disgruntled veteran is blacklisted by his government after an operation went wrong. But when the government threatens to use a new weapon on the people, he stakes everything in taking them down.


Bio: Josh grew up with a balance of Star Wars, Star Trek, and anime to give him the imagination for writing his scripts. At age 16, he wrote his first sci-fi novel and self-published novel, Renegade: Gladiator. A year later, he published Renegade: Rebellion as a follow-up. Josh recently worked as a stagehand for the Ardea Arts production, Bounce: the Basketball Opera, and as a student worker for Solar Films/Productions. But if he had the choice, Josh would fulfill his dream of travelling the world with a team to fight monsters and save the world. Upon receiving his degree in Dramatic Writing, Josh will at least fulfill that first part of the goal by travelling the world by joining the TEFL Samui program to teach English in Thailand.


Contact: joshuachou848@gmail.com