Alexis Sharp

Concrete Jungle

WRITTEN BY: Alexis Sharp

GENRE: Film Noir/Sci-Fi

LOGLINE: In the near future, machines have taken over all menial labor jobs, causing strife and outbreaks of violence as millions of people are displaced. Amidst this chaos, an embittered detective must team up with a robot to solve the case of a missing politician. During their pursuit of the truth, they uncover a far greater conspiracy.  

BIO: Alexis Sharp is a recent graduate from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Born and raised in southern New Jersey, Alexis spent her childhood exploring the woods behind her home. This drive for adventure has followed her through to her adult life, where she creates scripts filled with fantastical worlds and characters. During her time at Tisch she volunteered for the submissions department at Fusion Film Festival, which promotes and celebrates women in filmmaking. Alexis currently resides in New York, and continues to write for film and television, with a focus on animation.