Alexander Cadiff

The Eulogy

Genre: Dramedy

Written by: Alexander Cadiff


Logline: When Peter Ross, a personal eulogy writer, gets a submission from his estranged father of fifteen years to write his eulogy, his job and marriage is turned upside down. Will Peter be able to confront his father and look to the future with his wife, or will his demons from the past haunt him forever?


Bio: Alexander Cadiff is a 2017 graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After originally being in the Film Production program his Freshman year, Alexander found his passion for story-telling through writing and decided to transfer into the Dramatic Writing program his Sophomore year with a concentration in Screenwriting. Born in Los Angeles, California, Alexander grew up around the film industry and has always had a love for it. Working primarily as a screenwriter, Alexander’s stories are character driven and explore the complexities of family ties and strained relationships. Among several other internships throughout college, Alexander also took the Spring of his Junior year off and was hired to go to LA to be the Writer’s Production Assistant on the Freeform TV Show. Young & Hungry. He returned to NYU for his Senior year where he continued to expand his portfolio and learn more about his craft. He resides in New York but has plans to move back home to Los Angeles in the future.