Harrison Bacon


Harrison Bacon

Crime Drama

An orphan-turned-gangster leaves the crew of the Ukrainian kingpin who raised him like a son; but when the ex-con befriends the little brother of the kingpin’s archrival, he is pulled back into the world of crime and violence.  

Boston born, Harrison Bacon came to New York University to turn his love for film and novels into his degree in Screenwriting from Tisch’s Department of Dramatic Writing.  While at NYU, Bacon found his most fulfilling endeavors stemmed from collaborating with his closest friends.  He partnered with his director-friend to write and produce his first short film, MARVIN.  The film premiered at the Harlem International Film Festival, and was named a finalist in Tisch’s First Run Film Festival.  Bacon has worked on Broadway as a Playwrights Correspondent with the Dramatist Guild; and for the past two years, he has been a script reader for The Weinstein Company.  An active mountaineer, Bacon often heads to the hills of New England to find peace and break a sweat.  Beyond writing and hiking, Bacon is a frequent face of New York’s disco-dancing nightlife.  With the love and support from his family, Bacon looks forward to the long and foggy road of writing that lies ahead.

EMAIL – Harrisonbacon@gmail.com