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Emerson Gordon

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Emerson Gordon


When war veteran Soren Cassius returns to his planet after years of fighting to find his people in the midst of a political revolution and see his niece kidnapped by a group of freedom fighters, he finds that his only chance of rescuing her is by going where no member of his race has gone before, the Reach. 

Born and raised a half-hour outside the city in Montclair, NJ, Emerson has always been surrounded by the arts in one way or another. Having started his career on the stage, his roots in acting led him to thinking about the types of movies he would want to star in. It got to the point where the ideas became too much to contain within the mind, so he decided to start writing them down. This led to the production of his first short film, made as a junior in high school and titled Film Club, which was a parody/mash-up of The Office and Entourage in a high school setting. Deciding to apply to NYU for Dramatic Writing instead of Drama was a tough decision, but one that ultimately paid dividends, as it allowed Emerson to discover another passion: producing. While finishing his senior year, Emerson wrote and produced his second short film, Picket Fence, which explores how a teenager’s search for sexual identity destroys his relationships with his two best friends. He hopes to send it to numerous festivals upon the completion of the final cut. With an emphasis in screenwriting, Emerson has earned his BFA in Dramatic Writing, as well as his minor in Producing, at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and plans to move to Los Angeles in the fall of 2016.  

EMAIL – eag404@nyu.edu