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Anna Pittman

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Anna Pittman


In the wake of her father’s overdose, Tawny, an autistic 11-year-old drum prodigy, runs away from her trailer park home in South Carolina in order to audition on America’s Got Talent as a means of sending a message to her mother who abandoned her at birth.      

Before arriving at writing, Anna had a previous career as a percussionist in a traveling band. From the age of ten she toured the country with a group of high school and college students. Hanging with an older crowd, getting her night’s sleep in the band’s old school bus, and the grueling twelve hour rehearsal days disoriented and informed the writer in her childhood. After five summers spent on the road with the band, suffering abuse from both her peers and the management, Anna began to dissociate from her musical abilities. Unable to fully understand what was happening in her brain as the music left her, Anna sought refuge in writing. She went on to attend the prestigious South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, a public boarding school for the arts, where she studied fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. However, it wasn’t until her department’s intensive screenwriting course that she truly felt in her element.  Anna refrained from drawing on her past in music until she sat down to write her thesis script. Today she is a recent alum of the reputable Rita & Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing. She is independently producing a script of her own this summer with her partner Sam Beneitone and a crew of their close friends and collaborators from their time at Tisch.

EMAIL – annapittman22@gmail.com