Natasha Mynhier


Natasha Mynhier


Sarah Wright, the most prodigious dancer at an arts school in Sothern California, becomes the school joke when she attends a party after a botched bikini wax and is caught with her pants down, holding a bottle of lotion. But when she takes her anger out on the new Arts Director and is denied the lead role, she will stop at nothing to get rid of him and redeem her reputation.

Natasha Mynhier graduated in 2015 from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dramatic Writing and a minor in Philosophy. She grew up on the West Coast as a dancer, sharing stories through movement and choreography. In 2011, she started her own production company, 37 Laines, LLC, and immediately went into production on a full length dance show, The Moment We Change, that she wrote, directed, and choreographed. Though she entered NYU with the intention of studying dance, she found that storytelling was her true passion and transferred to the Dramatic Writing Department. Since then, she has added a variety of experiences in both media to her resume. In 2013, she performed as a lead in James Franco’s experimental play, BirdShit. The following year, she worked as a writer’s assistant at StoryTime Productions where she wrote the bible for a new TV Series and produced coverage for his screenplays. Throughout her time at NYU, she also wrote and directed a variety of short films through 37 Laines, which led to her most recent credit: a series of promotional commercials that she wrote and produced for MD Anderson Cancer Center in collaboration with AT&T, IBM Watson.