Audrey Harris


Audrey Harris

Melodramatic Comedy

In 1920’s New England, a secretive woman with short-term memory loss, Diana Hallister, faints while on trial for the murder of her wealthy husband, George. The audience is taken back in time as Diana remembers the shocking and sinister family plot that led to her husband’s murder and could possibly lead to her own.

On June 3rd, 1993, at two o’clock on a sunny afternoon in a small Colorado town, Audrey Harris was born into the world. Bells rang out on all seven continents, two billion birds took flight, the raging seas calmed to a glassy plain and the clouds were dissolved by the sunlight. It was as if all of nature had united to commemorate the birth. Yet, by 2:04, only four minutes later, and for no conceivable reason, the world had entirely forgotten Audrey Harris. Quietly, she grew up, living a groovy existence in the plains and mountains of her western playground. Until, one day, she moved away to study dramatic writing at New York University. There she attempted to cultivate her craft into something more than bearable and, rumor has it, she was successful. Her play, Wind, Some Snow was selected as part of the Tisch’s Festival of New Works. She was one of the four finalists for the Collyer Fellowship for her screenplay Ungodly Love. She wrote three student films and acted in seven. She spent one summer alone in Paris studying art and writing. Another summer, she spent in the Bronx working as production assistant on the Jerry Bruckheimer production Deliver Us from Evil. However, until she gets finds further employment and is able to prove herself, the world may never know of Audrey Harris.