Hannah Rittner


Logline: Leora has outlived her older brother. She is not ok with that. She found his locked diary with a missing key. So she goes to the only place she can imagine it exists, the family summer house in Halifax where he disappeared. Only now the house is completely different. Shira, Leora's first cousin now looks after the house and has shaped it to be her queer safe-space. As Leora searches for the key she must clash with all of Shira's rules. Only to find more ghosts. This is a look into the desperate and bizarre ways we search for meaning in the wake of unexpected loss.

Bio: Hannah is a multi-disciplinary writer, producer from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently based in NYC. She writes about people fighting for their lives, with a special interest in feminine protagonists. In 2013 her play Estate (2013 Open Spaces Award Winner) was staged at the Neptune Theater in Halifax, NS. She has worked for leading Canadian companies and festivals: LunaSea Theater, Theaturtle, Canadian Stage, and SummerWorks Performance Festival. During her time in the US she's enjoyed workshops with the Bechdel Group, Playwrights at the Grand, and The Old Globe Theater. Her epic play Love&Exile is a 2014-15 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Nominee. She also loves writing TV Comedy, she is currently working on a half-hour comedy pilot Broke and Sexually Confused. Her one-act farce Three Women Mourn the Apocalypse will be staged at the Theater Centre in Toronto, September 2015. For more info www.hannahrittner.com