Kimberly Barrante


Written by Kimberly Barrante

Genre: Drama/Science Fiction

Logline: When a missing astronaut crash lands 40 years after he launched, having not aged a day, it's up to his elderly twin brother to help him escape the NASA scientists hunting him, but as the government closes in, we discover neither brother is who they claim to be.

Bio: Kim graduated from Tisch in May 2014, earning her MFA in Dramatic Writing where she received the 2014 Outstanding Writing for the Screen Award. During her studies, she has been featured in the Goldberg Ten-Minute Play Readings and New Works Festival.  She also co-wrote and produced the half-hour comedy pilot Released, taking part in one of the first ever collaborations between the Television Production and Dramatic Writing departments.  Kim received her B.A. in Theatre Studies and Creative Writing at Emerson College in 2008, where she received the Rob Parker Award for her play The Rubik’s Cube.  Kim was a member People’s Theatre Project’s Professional Playwrights Unit for two seasons. She was recently a finalist in the 2015 Alliance-Kendeda Playwriting Conference for her play An Alien in Inwood, which will receive a reading in New York City next spring.