Joseph Mango


Written by Joseph Mango

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Logline: When a wide-eyed producer's assistant at Warner Bros. stumbles upon a gem of a script that was to star James Dean before he died, he tracks down the cantankerous writer who refuses to release the script without the blessing of James Dean whom he swears is still alive.

Joseph earned his MFA from Tisch in May 2014 where he received the 2014 Dramatic Writing Chair's Award as well as a 2014 NYU President's Service Award. He was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, the same town where the Warner brothers started their leap into the motion picture industry.  As a film enthusiast, Joseph found writing/directing idols in Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, Chris Columbus, and Cameron Crowe.  After earning his BA from the University of Southern California, Joseph worked as a production assistant and video playback production coordinator for feature films and television shows.  He went on to work at a UCLA mental health research center where he co-wrote and co-produced a short film about depression that was recently accepted into publication. James Dean America was a semi-finalist in the 2015 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest. The stage version of James Dean America was selected for the 2013 NYU Festival of New Works and also received a nomination for the 2013 MFA Playwrights Workshop at the Kennedy Center.