Chris Colao


Written by Chris Colao

Logline: Framed for the murder of a DEA agent, a man embarks on a quest to clear his name, navigating a world of betrayal in which even the hero may not be who he claims.

Bio: Chris graduated with a BFA in Dramatic Writing in May 2014 where he received the 2014 Charles Purpura Award for Excellence in Screenwriting.  Chris' early memories are populated by Larry Talbot, Terry Malloy and Rod Serling. A writer for the screen and for television, Chris aspires to craft smart, moving and engaging stories. He has been featured in the NYU Advanced Video Festival, has been hosted on the "Top Lists" on The Black List, was the recipient of an NYU Founders Day award and has worked in development, acquisitions and production, most recently for Jim Serpico at Apostle and James Frey at Full Fathom Five. Additionally, Chris worked with director Lucy Mulloy on the film "Una Noche" (Berlin/Tribeca, released by IFC).