Tisch Drama StageWorks
"The Mollyhouse"

A New Musical

A collaboration with New Studio on Broadway and The Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

Music by Divya Maus

Book and Lyrics by Richard Hanson

Directed by Kent Gash

Inspired by real people and events, The Mollyhouse brings history to life with a vibrant contemporary score. The gay underground of 1726 London is thriving in Maggie Clap’s Mollyhouse, a hidden pub in the city’s slums. There, Irish newcomer Adam Mackintosh finds a new home and romance with Maggie’s right-hand man, Mark Partridge. Inside the Mollyhouse, every night is a celebration, but outside, the Society for the Reformation of Manners tightens its hold on the city. When Mark is forced to become an informant, he must choose between saving himself or his community and the man he has come to love.

Tisch Drama StageWorks productions can include subjects and content that may not be appropriate for young audiences. Discretion is advised.