Tisch Drama Stageworks "A Festival of Voices"

A festival of new works highlighting a diverse range of potent and underrepresented voices, aesthetics, and points of view. Curated by David Mendizábal, the Festival of New Voices presents two plays and two readings and is a collaboration with The Movement Theatre Company. 

Play One: The Great Lonely Roamer & The Night That Changed Everything

by Christina Quintana
Directed by David Mendizábal

On New Year’s Eve, a polar bear arrives in suburban Texas in search of a new home and a wild night ensues. A night that will impact the future of an entire species.


November 15 - 8:00pm
November 16 - 9:30pm
November 17 - 8:00pm
November 18 - 9:30pm
November 19 - 7:00pm
November 20 - 9:30pm

Play Two: eat and you belong to us

by mj Kaufman
Directed by Melissa Crespo

Grands is a trans grandparent. Jaime is their genderqueer grandchild. They are both obsessed with Joan of Arc.


November 15 - 9:30pm
November 16 - 8:00pm
November 17 - 9:30pm
November 18 - 8:00pm
November 19 - 8:30pm
November 20 - 8:00pm

Reading #1: To be announced


November 18 - 4:00pm

Reading #2: To be announced


November 19 - 4:00pm


TISCH DRAMA STAGEworks productions can include subjects and content that may not be appropriate for young audiences. Discretion is advised.