Friday Guest Artist Classes with Quilan Arnold

Friday, Oct 27, 2017


Hip Hop I 
Class 1: Fridays 9-10:30AM
Class 2: Fridays 10:30- 12PM, OPEN TO ALL TISCH DANCE
Professor: Quilan Arnold
Accompanist: Shodekeh

Course Description
Dance-major introduction to studio practice of hip hop dance; includes survey of the history, theory, and/or literature of hip-hop dance.

Course Objectives
At the successful completion of this course the student will demonstrate:
- The ability to execute hip-hop groove technique and styles such as hip-hop social dance, new jack swing, house, etc
-The ability to transfer the movement into verbal terminology
- An increased level of body awareness and articulation as it pertains to weight shifts, isolations, use of space, and dynamics
- The ability to connect hip-hop concepts to contemporary/modern training
- The ability to freestyle and employ acquired skills; layer on indiviual style while dancing
- Knowledge of hip-hop origins, including elements of hip-hop culture (b-boy/b-girl, mc, dj, graffiti) and its values (peace, love, unity, and having fun)
- An awareness of hip-hop's social, economic, and political impact on American society
- A strong connection to the music while dancing
- The ability ro project and connect with others while dancing

Week 1 10/27/2017
Introduction-- What is Hip-Hop; Am i Hip-Hop
Groove Technique: Down Groove
Time Period: 80's

Week 2 11/3/2017
Groove Technique: The Jack
Time Period: 90's

Week 3  (Midterm) 11/10/2017
Groove Technique: Review
Time Period: Review

Week 4 11/17/2017
Groove Technique: Down Groove--- Bounce Groove
Time Period: 2000's

Week 5 12/1/2017
Groove Technique: Bounce Groove-- Up Groove
Time Period: 2010's

Week 6   (Final)

Accompanist and beatboxer, Shodekeh