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Breaking the Mold: A Conversation with Recorded Music Alums

As creators, we have the power to use our music, art, ideas, and voice to make an impact in our immediate community as well as communities all over the world.

Our first ReMu alumni panel of the 2017-2018 school year, will welcome our guests back to campus to talk about how they’ve used their own form of creativity outside of ReMu walls to inspire change and break the mold.


Jennifer Newman Sharpe | Sparkplug | Class of 2007

Seth Kallen | This Fiction Management | Class of 2008

Julia Schoen | Superfly | Class of 2012

Justin Adams | Roc Nation | Class of 2013

Justin Stein | Singer-songwriter | Class of 2014

Britt Pham | Freelance Events Producer | Class of 2016

Moderated by current ReMu student, Candace Camacho