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Ikram Lakhdhar

Ikram Lakhdhar

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

BA in International Relations + Self Design BA in Arts Politics + Certificate in Museum Studies, Connecticut College

Ikram Lakhdhar is a writer and cultural activist, based in Tunis, D.C. and NYC. She is one of DIRT’s Founding Editors and Transformer E13 Fellow. She has been published in many publications such as Bemore Art, Arts.Black and TunisiaLive. She has previously held a position as a Social Media Strategist at an international development non-profit in D.C., and pursued international internships in the art world at David Krut in Johannesburg, fundación proa in Buenos Aires, and Centre Nationale de La Culture in Tunis. Lakhdhar is the Curator of "Moments of Freedom: Revolutionary Art from China, South Africa and Tunisia" exhibit and symposium, which has earned praise for having an international impact on Tunisia’s cultural revolution.  

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

I came into the MA in Arts Politics with the intention to master the contemporary theory in this field, to immerse myself in the ever flowing culture of NYC and to meet members of the brilliant community of NYU. As a graduate student, I hope to acquire the tools and language that are essential to hold a position as a contemporary art curator and advocate for underrepresented and marginalized communities within the MENA region and diaspora.