Dale Park

Dale Park

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

BA Philosophy & Psychology, Yale University

Dale Park is an American entrepreneur. Park learned all aspects of music from an early age, and was a National Merit Scholar, concertmaster, and leader of various student organizations at Phillips Academy (Andover).

Prior to attending Yale, Park spent one year traveling through Europe and studying in the Castilla y León region of Spain. At Yale he worked at Merrill Lynch private wealth management, a world-class recording studio and songwriting facility in New York, and with Bill Krasilovsky, sometimes referred to as the "Dean of Music Law".

Park then landed a job with Beatles and Rolling Stones manager Allen Klein, and started a label through a national digital distributor. He was then offered a job at the William Morris Agency, where he was promoted to work for the Co-Chief Operating Officer in New York within a matter of weeks. In that capacity he worked on several projects for the William Morris Agency which involved participants ranging from the president of El Salvador to New York Magazine.

Park then started working on an early social media platform for artists, landing a distribution contract with Apple, then dove into Washington electoral politics, with a focus on technologies for mobile devices and a political action committee for creative artists.

Park's current projects involve designing a legible system for organizing and accessing information in highly-skewed industries, shaping a value investing private equity approach to distressed assets in the music industry, and developing charitable access to resources for independent talent in New York State.

Park has been an aficionado of chess and bullfighting, and appreciates the history of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, as well as artificial intelligence, graphic design, architecture, and real estate.

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

The arts are very political