Asmaa Walton

Asmaa Walton

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

BFA Art Education, Michigan State University

Asmaa is a Detroit native who grew up surrounded by the arts. A recent graduate of Michigan State University with a BFA in art education. Unlike the rest of the members of her cohort Asmaa chose not to continue down the path of becoming a certified art teacher because she felt she had a different calling. She wanted to figure out how to reach beyond just one school. She wants to help entire communities. 

Asmaa has a great interest in shedding light on the importance for funding in the arts and for art education in public schools. She grew up in Detroit Public Schools that do not have a budget for arts which results in students lacking that artistic expression outlet. Asmaa's dream is to use what she learns in this program to go back to Detroit and provide art resources to the community for children as well as adults in the form of a nonprofit art studio that offers reduced cost and free visual and performing arts courses. 

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

I was unsure what I wanted to do after undergrad because I did not have plans to continue on through the teacher certification process. I stumbled across this program and it just seemed like the perfect fit for me. It will offer many paths for me to explore within the arts and that's what I was looking for. Hopefully this will give me the tools to help the art community in my city.