Yang Feng

Yang Feng

MA Arts Politics Class of 2017

BA International Business and Management, HAN University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)

Brought up in a city with 2500-year history, Yang breathes the majority of refined Chinese arts. With the more work she does and further studies she takes, she finds connections grown that seem never could be apart.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

I spent four years in Europe studying international business and from thereafter developed multi-cultural insights. Throughout my stay in the Netherlands and Paris, I often took time exploring museums and art galleries. During a 6-month exchange study at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, I was fascinated by music, dance, and architecture especially from the region of Andalucia.

After returning to hometown, I was engaged in several projects with Suzhou local artists, calligraphers, Kunqu opera performers, inheritors of World Intangible Cultural Heritage, craftsmen and art institutions, during which time quite some activities took place such as face-to-face interviews, exhibitions, commercials shooting, etc. Studying the traditional art forms to a further extent and exchanging ideas, resources and activities to a higher level, therefore, have formed my original intent to come to Tisch School of the Arts.

Despite my art-involved study and work, I have also developed a hobby of fencing during the past two years. It became the most important practice at my spare time and I intend to continue practicing at NYU. I have also combined my interest in fencing with screenwriting, preparing for some potential developments in film making in the future.