Vanessa Cuervo

Vanessa Cuervo

MA Arts Politics Class of 2016

BA Arts Management & Art History, University of Toronto, Canada. Theatre Production, Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vanessa Cuervo believes in the incredible power of art as a social transformational practice and a form of critical thinking. As a dancer, arts manager, theatre producer,creative facilitator, critical spectator, and art enthusiast she has explored diverse branches of the arts sphere. Along her journey of discovery working with dance and theatre organizations in Toronto, Buenos Aires & Bogotá has allowed her to collect a multiplicity of stories. In her exploration she defies the idea of culture as consensus outside of the conflicts of class, gender, race, and power.

Born in Bogotá (Colombia), Vanessa is interested in the connections between identity, collective memory building and rituals of resilience in (but not limited to) Latin America. She explores, celebrates and strives to facilitate the intersections between art, education, community and social justice.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

Finding inspiring people with similar interests but different backgrounds and experiences.