Jared T. Ellison

Recorded Music Technician Iv

Jared Ellison

Jared Ellison works with audio and electronics. As a student at New York University, he split his time between the city's libraries and streets studying the history of architecture and design all the while listening, talking music, digging for records and dancing.  Inspired by musicians, filmmakers, and artists of the mid-20th century avant-garde, he began learning how to apply the messy mathematics and hardware of electronic machines towards making music and images, eventually applying these skills as the studio technician at DFA Records.  With a particular interest in analog signal processing, interactive media, and microcontrollers, Jared has designed, modified and repaired musical instruments and equipment for the DFA studio, LCD Soundsystem and for a clientele of musicians, producers and studios. 

At Recorded Music, Jared is focused on maintaining and repairing equipment including SSL, API and Rupert Neve Designs recording consoles, studio outboard equipment, computers, amplifiers and instruments. Jared has worked on evaluating, installing and interfacing new equipment, redesigning the institute's editing suites and writing documentation on our studios. He can often be found with faculty and students sorting through a problem or with his sleeves rolled up over a project on the workbench.


B.A. New York University